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This website is designed for you to join a Survivor Fantasy League and track the progress of your tribe throughout the season. For those that aren't familiar with what a Survivor Fantasy League is, let me explain:

There are several different formats which fantasy leagues can take on. Some have picks that you change every week, some have drafts where you do a rotation pick of the players on your tribe and there are some where you pick who you want and you sit back and watch the points come pouring in.

On this site you eventually will have a choice on what type of league you want to join, but for now all that is available are the following:

Community Leader Board

  • Regular Season Pick Half - In this league, each tribe consists of half of the cast, picked by the person registering for the league. There are no limits to the number of tribes allowed in the league, but each user can only register one tribe.
  • Bryant Steel Off Season Pick Half - This league is identical to the Regular Season, but played using players entered into the Brant Steele Survivor Simulator. The point system differs from the regular league. Players can be past Survivor players or any other criteria we use. These seasons run during the time that we don't have a US or International Survivor season currently in progress.
  • Throwback Pick Half - This league is identical to a Regular Season, but played using a season that has already aired. Started initially just to get a player's points for all seasons, but I decided to open it up for people to select a tribe, even though the season results are already known. The points for this type will stay constant, even of the Regular Season points change, so we have some consistency across seasons. Also any bonus footage that would be scored in a regular season won't be scored in the throwback season, mainly because they probably aren't available any more.

You are required to create an account with a valid email address so you can pick your tribes and track their progress. You are allowed to enter either of the Community Leader Board leagues 1 time.

Some other league types that we are looking at implementing, in the future:

  • Round Robin Draft Leagues - In this league, each tribe takes turns picking a member of the cast until each tribe has the same number of Survivor players. How many each tribe gets is determined by how many players are in the league. For a 20 player season, you could have 3 tribes of 6, with 2 players not getting picked, 5 tribes of 4, etc. There are other variations on it as well that may be implemented. You will be able to create or participate in as many leagues as you want.
  • Survivor Rankings League - My friend hosts survivor-rankers.net, so I don't want to directly compete. But it will be some sort of ranking site. Maybe the scoring will differ. Be sure to check out his site and join the fun.
  • Weekly Adjustable Leagues - In this league, you will pick a tribe of a designated number of players. You then will assign a weight to each of your players, based on how you think they will do and that will influence your points received.

I run this league for fun, but it does cost money to host and keep up. If you would like to support us, visit the link above for the different ways you can do that. Thank you.


Bryant Steel - AU International Showdown - Registration Extended

Since we have an extended off season, I thought it would be great to do another Bryant Steel (my name for the BrantSteele.com simulator) fantasy league. This will be our second edition of an International Showdown. It is called the AU International Showdown, because we are using the Brant Steele simulator for AU Survivor 2017.

It features 24 players, 8 from Australia, 8 from South Africa and 8 from the US. Registration is opened until the end of the month.

I've extended registration until the end of July. We only got 16 tribes, but this is such a fun season, I really want to do it, but we must get at least 25 for me to do it.


Current leagues opened for registration:
None at the moment

Coming Soon:
SA Survivor 8
AU Survivor 6
US Survivor 41
Battle of the Bush Fundraiser

We run fantasy leagues for the following:
US Survivor
AU Survivor
SA Survivor
NZ Survivor (if it returns)
The Circle US & UK
Bryant Steel Off Season
Throwback seasons (previously aired)

There will be Swap Tribe and No Swap Tribe leagues for each upcoming season.

Sunday Burquest Fundraiser

As you may or may not have heard, Sunday Burquest from S33 has been diagnosed with cancer again. This time it is a GI cancer that is from the bottom of her esophagus and into her stomach. I has spread to her ovaries and liver as well. They aren't doing surgery, but she will be starting chemo in the next week or so. Leslie Nease started a GoFundMe to help with the medical expenses. Please consider giving to it and send your good thoughts and prayers for Sunday and her family. Here is the link to the GoFundMe:

Click here for the GoFundMe for Sunday

Update: We had 16 players register for the Bryant Steel fantasy league, which I needed 25 to actually score it, so it won't be happening, but I donated again to the GoFundMe, $3 per person and rounding up to $50.

Battle of the Bush

Below are the players announced so far for the Battle of the Bush fundraiser. There will be a league that will require you to make a donation of at least $10 US Dollars to one or more of the players.

Click here to donate

Jonny Fairplay (US7 & 16)
Wendell Holland (US36 & 40)
Brice Izyah (US28)

Paul Smulders (SA7)
Durao Mariano (SA7)
Lee-Anne Van Renen (SA7)
Ashleigh Bryant (SA5)

Matt Dyson (AU3)
Jenna Austin (AU3)

Dylan Brown
Melanie Canestra-Hill

Compete Against Survivor/Reality Players

Below are the Reality Stars that have registered in past or are registered currently for leagues. We encourage all Survivor players to join in on the fun:

US Survivors:
Jessica Lewis (S33) - S39, S38, S37, S36
James Miller (S10) - S6(tb), S40(df)
Kelley Wentworth (S29,S31,S38) - S37

South Africa Survivors:
Toni Tebbutt (SA6) - AU5(ns), S40(df,ns), S39, SA7, S38, S37
Werner Joubert (SA6) - S40(ns), SA7, S38, S37
Jeanne Michel (SA6)
Adrian "Ace" Chetty (SA6) - S39, SA7
Vusi Mafulela (SA6) - SA7
Murishca Martheze (SA6) - SA7
PK (SA6) - SA7
Stacey Valentyn (SA6) - SA7
Neil Voller (SA6) - SA7
Jacques Burger (SA7) - S40(df), S39
Ai-Ting Wong (SA7) - S40(df), S39

New Zealand Survivors:
Dylan Conrad (NZ2) - AU4, S40(df), S39, SA7, S38, AU3, S37, BS(IS)
J.T. Muirhead (NZ2) - S40(sw), AU5(sw), S37, BS(IS)
Lisa Stanger (NZ2) - S37

Australian Survivors:
Des Quilty (AU1) - AU5(df,sw,ns), S40(df,sw,ns), S39, AU4
Matt Dyson (AU3) - S39, AU4

IS = Bryant Steel International Showdown
df = During Filming
sw = Swap Tribe League
ns = No Swap Tribe League
tb = Throwback
TC = The Circle

Are you having issues?

If you are having issues registering, there is a problem with the site or scoring or want to provide feedback, please visit us on social media and send us a message.