There are several types of leagues that are available to join.

Community Leagues:

    • Regular Season Pick Half - In this league, each tribe consists of half of the cast, picked by the person registering for the league. There are no limits to the number of tribes allowed in the league, but each user can only register one tribe.
    • Bryant Steel Off Season Pick Half - This league is identical to the Regular Season, but played using players entered into the Brant Steele Survivor Simulator. The point system differs from the regular league. Players can be past Survivor players or any other criteria we use. These seasons run during the time that we don't have a US or International Survivor season currently in progress.
    • Throwback Pick Half - This league is identical to a Regular Season, but played using a season that has already aired. Started initially just to get a player's points for all seasons, but I decided to open it up for people to select a tribe, even though the season results are already known. The points for this type will stay constant, even of the Regular Season points change, so we have some consistency across seasons. Also any bonus footage that would be scored in a regular season won't be scored in the throwback season, mainly because they probably aren't available any more.

Custom Leagues:

    • Auction Style Draft - This is a private only league, which means you have to invite people to join. It should be people you have some connection to because the auction draft will work best if you can coordinate when you can all be online at the same time to do the draft. You start out with 100 fire tokens that are used to bid on players, in real time. There are options the customize the league. For more information, see the custom leagues section of the help.
    • Snake Style Draft - These leagues can be public or private. A random order will determine who drafts when and you go until equal tribes are formed. It usually works best if each person drafts 3-4 players, but 2-the number of contestants can play. Private leagues work just like the Auction Style Draft and the public leagues will show on the league registration page until they are filled up. You will be able to interactively select who to draft or you can put together a draft order so it will automatically draft the highest ranking player that is remaining, on your next turn.


Scoring for the Community and Custom leagues are the same. Each season will have a points system associated with it. These points can be determined by several things, like challenge wins, confessionals, votes received, etc. We are also looking into the possibility to have a points system based on Edgic. Click on the Points System link on the menu to see how each season is scored.

League Options

The community leagues can have the following options:

    • Normal - This is just straight scoring, based on the points system.
    • Swap Tribe - This option allows you to select 1 more member than normal, then flag a subset of your members to be on your swap tribe. Members on your swap tribe do not earn points until there is a tribe swap or a merge in the game. The number of active players you have on your swap tribe, when a swap occurs, will replace that many of your lowest scoring players that weren't on your swap tribe. This will repeat again, if there is another swap. When the merge occurs, all active players will earn points.
    • Survivors Only - This is an option where a league is only available for former Survivor players to join and play in. The results are public.
    • Premium - This option designates the league is only for those that pay to play. Generally this will be used as a fundraiser type league, where you have to show proof that you donated to a particular thing in order to play. At some point, we may decide to offer some prizes,in a premium league, but we would have to find a way to do it where spoilers wouldn't ruin it for people.

The custom leagues can have the following options:

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