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This site is free to use, but it does cost money to maintain. If you enjoy using the site, I would appreciate it if you would help support it. There are several ways you can do so, many being through affiliate links, which don't cost you any extra. Below are the various ways to do so:

Affiliate Links

Of course you are familiar with Amazon and probably already shop there. By clicking through this ad/link first, you can help us out.

Pure Vitamin Club

Pure Vitamin Club offers vitamins that are free from all the harmful fillers that most vitamin companies use. They focus on quality and are slowing expanding the line of vitamins they offer. You can order as a subscription or a one time.

Select Music Library

If you are a creative person and need to license music to go with your videos/productions, check out this company. It was started by a friend and I use them myself for all the videos I work on for my church.

NSNG Foods

Fat is energy and an essential part of the low carb lifestlye. NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) is the flavor of low carb that I follow and the founder created this to have a nut butter that is of the highest quality and suitable for the low carb lifestyle. He also founded Pure Vitamin Club, linked above.

Direct Payments

For one time contributions to the site, PayPal is probably the best way.


If you really enjoy the site and want to support it on a monthly basis, Patreon is your best place to do that. You will get flagged as a Patron of the site as a thank you.